Equines Rescued from Havasupai Falls in 2014-2015


Summer of 2014 – We were contacted by tourists in Havasupai Falls Grand Canyon about some very skinny horses. They asked us if we could help. Due to funding and resources, the soonest we could go in was Oct. 17 – 19, 2014.

We were able to locate the horses in need. With help from Danna, an amazing supporter, we brought out 3 horses and 1 mule.The little mule had to be taken immediately to the hospital, where we found out via xrays that she had a broken back leg. Apparently, she had broken it 6 days earlier and had been standing on it the entire time in the Canyon before our crew arrived. It was inoperable and the doctors said the best thing for her, was to kindly put her down. We all cried.

Layla, the little mule at Arizona Equine Surgical Centre


The 3 horses came immediately to our ranch – Duke, Cinder and Dawn. 
Before Pictures: Their feet were severely overgrown, their ears were filled with large ticks, they were incredibly underweight, and their teeth needed to be floated. We x-rayed all of them and treated their open wounds.

After – Hoof Trimming and Veterinary Visits


Cinder, Dawn & Duke
They seem to really love our ranch and their cushy beds of Rice Hulls and lots of good food and care from our wonderful volunteers! Update: Duke has been adopted to a wonderful family! 

April 2015 – We rescued Tiny Tim – Havasupai Falls


Tiny Tim has been Adopted!

May 2015 – We took in 4 more horses from Havasupai Falls, Grand Canyon

Rudy has been adopted!

Max has been Adopted!

Rose and KnightMare remain at
Wildhorse Ranch Rescue and are doing great!

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